• Is Compulsory Licensing [of Patents] In Time Of Pandemics A Necessary Intervention? A Look at The Doha Declaration On WTO’s (TRIPS) Agreement and Public Health

    Presently  the entire global health  system is  grappling with  the  COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ) pandemic. A viral disease that affects the respiratory system,  it seems  the world health system was caught off guard right from when the disease broke out in Wuhan, China.  Reportedly, this flu like disease  still does not have a cure  in […]

  • Of Traditional Knowledge and TRIPS

    Traditional Knowledge Defined Traditional knowledge means the innovations, know-how and techniques held by local communities and which in most cases in undocumented. These techniques and innovations   range from traditional treatment methods and well as rural knowledge to traditional farming methods which are mostly adopted for local agricultural needs. TRIPS Framework on Traditional Knowledge Intellectual property […]

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