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    WTO Discussions, and Decisions on Labour Standards At the Multilateral level, every member of the WTO is committed to a narrower set of internationally recognized core labour standards namely freedom of association, no forced labour, no child labour, and no discrimination at work (including gender discrimination). Previously, at the Singapore Ministerial Conference, WTO members did […]

  • Trade Remedies  in  Kenya  vis a vis   Trade Remedies in the  East African Community 

    The East African Community (EAC) has  been touted as  one of the most integrated Regional Economic Communities in Africa  continent. This integration under the EAC treaty law extends to certain aspects of customs management and in particular trade remedies. Accordingly, all the EAC  countries are expected to have uniform trade remedies. Kenya’s Trade Remedies law  […]

  • Is The East African Community (EAC) Ready For A Customs Union? Or Is EAC Integration Nearing Collapse? Lessons From Kenya -Uganda Milk Dispute

    Originally posted on Patrick's Trade Digest: Background In his recent speech? Kenya’s president gave certain directions regarding agriculture? and the speech read in part as? follows; “ In the agricultural sector, our farmers have continued? to get high milk yields. However due to? the excess supply , they are receiving very low prices for…

  • Africa Trade Law and Policy Update August 22 2021

    Welcome to this week’s updates on key  happenings in African and elsewhere that have an impact on African trade  as well as its  relationships with the rest of the world. This  piece is dedicated to  issues and developments around Covid-19  Vaccines. Covid-19,  and   Vaccines Availability   There was  a lot of hope  concerning access to […]

  • Africa Trade Policy Roundup

    Happy Labour day! Here is the latest update on trade policy and trade law issues that should be on interest to readers who are keen on Africa’s trade relations with the world, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and regional integration in Africa generally. Proposed Kenya- US Free Trade Area. There has been a lot going […]

  • COVID-19 Could Bring Down the Trading System

    How to Stop Protectionism From Running Amok

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